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MOBILE APPS - android, ios, ipad

         Smartphones and tablets are completely changing the way that people run their lives. There seems to an app for just about every aspect of our day to day personal life. Now, more and more businesses are looking at creating mobile apps for employees and customers alike. But developing software for today's distributed enterprises is not a simple task. Developers must often work with multiple technologies, highly distributed environments and computing networks often built on a hybrid infrastructure combing legacy systems with newer ones. Add the pressure to develop applications for the growing range of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices and you can understand how many may balk at the idea. For those aiming to develop a mobile app that will make employees more productive or customers more informed, there are some common mistakes that developers often make.

         Issues such as security and real-time monitoring are ones that are uniquely enterprise and need to be addressed as such. To help avoid these, our expert team suggest you to have best mobile solution for you and your business. Here are some points to be considered Don't create an app for the sake of it. Learn from consumer apps but don't try to copy them. Don't try to 'mobile' everything. Don't ignore security. Don't develop like a desktop application. Don’t Rush for coding first. Have two people working on an app if they're not going to be communicating about it. Try Pair programming! Don't put in features they didn't request. Have Quality Check as well as Time Management. Don't Forget to test the app relentlessly. Avoid Procrastination. Don't forget that creating the app is the easy part. Marketing it is the hard part. Always remember, Simple = Perfect.